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Validating domain objects

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Command validation happens after the form is submitted and before the Command is passed to the model.

The question to answer here is “Does this look like a valid Foo Command?

A Command is a message that represents the intention of the user.

I would like to discuss my point of view regarding those questions.

I don’t claim my conclusions to be best-practices or something like that. Going from top to bottom, here is what I would currently respond to those questions: I think it’s easier to answer this question with saying where it primarily should not be: In the Presentation Layer. Therefore it should reside in some lower or inner layer in my opinion.

I often encounter the desire by some developers to create an entity that guards itself against ever becoming invalid Let’s consider the following example of a User Profile class: This will ensure that the properties cannot be set to null at any time.

In fact, some UI frameworks will catch these exceptions and take the message and turn it into an user’s error message.