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But if you’d like some quicker feedback from a psychologist or other licensed mental health professional — without a waiting list — it may be easier than you think, thanks to reliable third party options.

At one trustworthy and well reviewed service we’ve recently been learning about, you can sign up to be personally matched with one of over 1500 available licensed professionals.

"Within ten years, computers will become so embedded in our lives, we won't even think of this as telehealth," she says.

"The housebound patient will be able to receive care on a regular basis.

Even professional associations that once pooh-poohed the practice are now issuing guidelines for online therapy.

Expect the trend to grow, says Leigh Jerome, Ph D, a clinical psychologist who is helping the American Psychological Association develop its online policy.

Therapy will be conducted (via email or chat rooms) with remote or extended family members located thousands of miles from each other." Despite these predictions, online therapy remains controversial.

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