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His promising NFL career was cut short due to a knee injury, forcing him to retire in 2000.

PERSONAL INFORMATION Birth date: March 18, 1974 Hometown: Lakeland, Fla.

Do you ever wonder how much hardware the Rooney family would be showcasing on the Northside if they chose anybody but Huey Richardson in 1991?

Do you still wake up in a cold sweat because Chuck Noll, Art Junior and the boys laughed Dan Rooney out of the room when he passed along John Clayton's suggestion that Dan Marino was a sure thing and not a strung out coke fiend in 1983?

He will certainly get his chance again, which spells trouble should he continue to fail if history is any indication. Here are these phenomenally talented kids in the starting lineup and the recruiting classes are churning out some unbelievable rankings.

Keeping points on the board should not be a problem and so the defense should at least receive an easier task by not having to play uphill all of the time.

I will only consider players chosen 15 spots behind Pittsburgh in each of the first five rounds and undrafted free agents in the remaining rounds.

Consider this your own Grey's Sports Almanac and dust off some 1988 Tiffany and sing "Could've been so beautiful, Could've been so right".

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For high school players, this is also an excellent opportunity to receive the best instruction available and to be seen by an outstanding lineup of college coaches.