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In fact, many different Broken members participate on this CD, including the three most indie-famous members: Feist (who shines in "Aging Faces/Losing Places"), Metric's Emily Haines, and Stars co-frontwoman Amy Millan.One thing that the CD makes crystal clear is the type of music Drew has been influenced by: tracks like "Safety Bricks" and "Lucky Ones" could just have easily come out of the mouths and minds of '90s indie rock bands Sebadoh, Pavement, or Dinosaur Jr. Smartly, Drew doesn't just resemble his idols, he includes them on this disc: Dino frontman J Mascis contributes vocals and guitars to "Backed Out on the…," while Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg contributes noodlings on "Lucky Ones." All in all, this charming offering is less dissonant and more mellow than Broken discs, making it a sonically consistent ride that could--and should--bring more fans into the Drew fold.Such candidness is remarkable, rare, and, yes, even weird.Such adjectives could also be used to describe Spirit If…, an album that ranges from hushed, near-confessional folk (“Safety Bricks”), to rollicking, J.This solo effort from Kevin Drew unfolds like an emotional comic book.Drew's songwriting addresses all his favourite topics: fucking, fighting, fearing and hope.--Denise Sheppard Like most people who may stumble across this record, it occurred completely out of my love for Broken Social Scene and their two latest sonic masterpieces, "You Forgot It In People" and the self titled follow up.There's a leader who leads through and got a ways He might hold you, and baby, win a race And all the leaders who fall with a broken man They could call you up, baby, with a plan It's the way that you were You in your were I've believing before I return to this I can feel like always what I missed And the leader who cracks down a broken prince You can feel it, and baby, what you learned It's the way that you were You in your were I never got it, but you rem'ber all that you could [x2] When I'm seeing all that I'm living through It's like, always there, baby what you do And I can see the words in the lights, I could You should breathe now, and then baby, what you do It's the way that you were You in your were I never got it, but you rem'ber all that you could [x7] Kevin is reminiscent of an old lover’s ways, probably Leslie Feist in particular, who provides her vocals for the track.

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It’s no exaggeration to say it didn’t quite sound like anything I’d heard before.Those days were formative for me in terms of the music I listened to, and the music also informed the books I was reading.During this time I devoured all of Haruki Murakami’s back library, and slowly, carefully, lovingly worked through books like , books which now retain a kind of light, magical, summery quality in my remembrance of them, thanks in large part to the music I was listening to as I read them.Darlings shows Drew growing from his role in indie vanguard Broken Social Scene to create a breakthrough statement of personal artistry.Darlings is also his first solo album that is truly, to put it bluntly, solo. was his inaugural step beyond the decade-long shadow of his former band, Darlings spotlights Drew with seven years more experience and maturity.I discovered a certain vein of ambient instrumental post-rock in high school with The Album Leaf’s One Day I’ll Be On Time (#26 on this list), an album I quickly became obsessed with.