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If you had a listing which was for an active service, you will need to resubmit it - please do so at your leisure. I've been trying to get my hands on a used Bryston 2B, but they've become somewhat scarce in the past few weeks. Byll Solid state Mc Intosh can be in your price range.... This is one of the old Stereophile challenge amps that Bob Carver designed to emulate exotic tube amps. These are around on the used market, but typically 0 . I agree some of the Phase Linear, Yamaha, Denon are worth considering. I saw a Carver M200t for a reasonable price, but it has hardly a mention over the whole of the net! Best amps I've come across, compared them to Bryston and settled for these despite the fan. who replaced his Chord with MC2Audio MC1250 because he found it to be more accurate. I was very, very lucky though on the cost (ebay, the seller didn't want to send them which always lowers the price and he turned out to live just round the corner from myself! But even new they cost about half of the eqivalent Bryston, could be because they are made here in UK though.

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