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Actress and self-proclaimed yogi Stevie Nelson has hesitantly agreed to help number 87, or the New England Patriots tight end football player more commonly known as Gronk, in a round of “downward dog bowling.” Getting into the pose’s inverted “V” formation, Nelson tucks her head in tightly.
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Dating a girl with a lazy eye

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If you have a beautiful personality, you’ll be fine. It goes outward, and almost never works with the other -- even with glasses and contacts.

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and i was reading on anxiety where u feel u cant control things, and i clicked on a dating link talking about eye contact being the most important part of initiating conversation.

I have asked my eye doctor who i try to see at least every year about having a surgery, but he will simply say NO to it and will not even allow me to mention it.

I really want to change my doctor because of that but also do not want to do so because i love my doctor.

go figure :/ anyways, id like your real truthful honest to god opinions.

things like "he had severe crossed eyes and i said i had a headache to get out of the date" are a hardcore reality check.