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The soundtrack on the other hand was released by Edel.

Debbie's favorite band is Dream Street, and her favorite member is Chris Trousdale.

In late 2002- early 2003, Chris Trousdale promoted this film by performing and showing the film at his concerts.

After almost three years since filming for the film was complete, The Biggest Fan was finally released on DVD on May 18, 2005 (USA/Canada) and in 2007 (Australia).

The Biggest Fan reminds me of Vanilla Ice's much maligned masterpiece, Cool As Ice.

Both films are fabulously out of touch with reality, contain fun cameos from B-grade fan favourites and are based around dubiously talented male singers who use too much product in their hair. I'm not sure when I finished being appalled and started to really enjoy this film. Chris Trousdale becomes tired of life touring with Dream Street (Sharing a tour bus with Jessie Mc Cartney would drive anyone to insanity) and then, under the influence of cough medicine, manages to escape from boy-band hell in an 18 wheeler.

Baldonieri and Lukow hoped to make an impact on the pop music industry by introducing a group of teenagers to the scene, all of whom had prior stage-singing experience.So, over the week they spend time together and she secretly hides him so he can escape the pressures of being a pop star for a little while.Dream Street était un groupe composé de 5 garçons : Chris Trousdale, Jesse Mc Cartney, Greg Raposo, Frankie Galasso et Matt Ballinger.Kaila Amariah, the main female character, portrays a devoted fan of Chris Trousdale, the main male character, the best that I have seen in a teen movie!Between the music and the acting, the film is awesome!It also included a cover of the popular song from the musical Rent "Seasons of Love." Jesse Mc Cartney, Greg Raposo, Matt Ballinger, Frankie Galasso, and Chris Trousdale would become the new faces of the group and were given the name "Dream Street," which was the name of Lukow and Baldonieri's recording studio in New York City.